Tuesday, September 29, 2009

09.27.09 12:05PM

18.5 miles
16.7 avg mph
29.1 max mph
1428 final odo
1:06:26 time
175 heartrate (extreme guess)

Haven't been doing many real rides, but have been biking around town instead of using a car. I also forgot to record a ride or two online. my bad.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

09.12.09 7:00AM MS150

42.5 miles
19.2 avg mph
34.8 max mph
1372 final odo
2:18:47 time
91 deg F

Good ride. Yeah, thats about it... It was a good ride.

09.12.09 7:30 AM MS150

75.5 miles
18.9 avg mph
34.7 max mph
1330 final odo
4:05:52 time
95 deg F

Great ride at a ridiculous pace. Took out one rider in a pace line when he rubbed my back wheel. I looked back just to see him swerve twice and fall. He broke his helmet and was out for the rest of the ride. Besides that, the jerseys looked awesome, and we got to pick up a lot of really fun pace lines.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09.08.09 5:00PM

24.6 miles
16.6 avg mph
36.3 max mph
1248 final odo
1:28:39 final time

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

09.01.09 5:30PM

29.6 miles
16.0 avg mph
30.4 mapx mph
1208 final odo
1:50:48 time
84 deg F

Good ride, but I had to lead more than I would have liked (way more than 1/3 of the time with 3 riders.) We also had a 2-3 mile sprint at about 26 mph which kicked my ass. Go Team!

08.30.09 5:00PM

17.5 miles
15.0 avg mph
31.9 max mph
1178 final odo
1:09:34 time
94 deg F

08.28.09 1:30PM

16.7 miles
15.6 avg mph
34.6 max mph
161 final odo
1:03:03 time

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

08.26.09 9:45AM

11.7 miles
16.4 avg mph
29.5 max mph
1138 final odo
0:42:58 time
83 deg F

HILLS! Pretty much made a tour of all of the big hills in the park. Saw Greg Cutahee walking to work. Almost ran him over is more like it. I should probably say hi to him propperly later today.

08.24.09 1:35PM

22.6 miles
16.1 avg mph
34.0 max mph
1127 final odo
1:24:13 time
92 deg F

Great ride mostly with Rusty, but last lap was alone. Riding partners are really nice to push off of eachother to keep the pace up. Drafting wasn't so bad either. Basic Forest Park loops on the interior path and exterior bike path.

08.22.09 12:00PM ++

I've missed a few rides between the last one and this one.

25.2 miles
14.8 avg mph
33.4 max mph
1104 final odo
1:41:36 time

Basic loops through Forest Park. Half of the ride was with Rico.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

07.29.09 6:00PM

20.4 miles
17.1 avg mph
36.7 max mph
1056 final odo
1:11:17 time
81 deg F

Wednesday night ride with Recycled Cycles. Was going great (going on the long ride, which should be 29 miles) until my left cleat got too worn down to use at all. And by great I mean that I was getting beat to hell by all of the hills on the ride. I'm going to try to map out that ride. Check out the profile of the ride. It wasn't fun.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

07.29.09 7:30PM

20.9 miles
16.5 avg mph
26.8 max mph
1035 final odo
1:16:00 time

Another trip down the River Front Trail. Rode just after it stoped raining, so a whole lot of spray and a couple wheel slips. It also made the two gravel sections quite interesting when one of my wheels sank about two inches into mud. I had two deer run along side me (about 20 feet to the side of the path) for about a mile, which was pretty cool.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

07.26.09 7:00PM

20.4 miles
15.8 avg mph
27.5 max mph
1014 final odo
1:17:25 time
81 deg F

Riverfront trail ride. Beautiful ride all the way. Started just as the sun was getting orange and ended just as it left sight. A lot of bugs in two or three areas making it hard to breath (i really mean a lot) and two gravel areas which were a little scary. Very brutal headwinds during the ride out (avg mph something like 13.4), but was flying on the way home (avg something like 18 mph.) Spent a lot of time in the drops both ways, which are becoming more comfortable now. Attaching a map below. I didn't ride all of what is marked on the map. I decided to stop where you have to cross the road the first time, not knowing that I was only two miles from the real end of the ride.

Friday, July 24, 2009

07.21.09 7:00PM / 07.24.09 1:30PM

So this is two rides that I didn't get a chance to clear the computer between, so I'll try to separate the info where I can.

26.3 / 10.8 miles
15.4 avg mph
33.0 max mph
983 / 994 final odo
2:24:01 time
70 / 99 deg F

So the first ride was the Tuesday Night Ride with Maplewood. It was a pretty good ride. I stayed with the lead group for almost all of the ride (they lost me half way through a 3 mile uphill spring) and passed a couple people on the hill of death half way through the ride. But I chipped my left cleat, so its time for a new set of those (birthday time!).

Second ride was just too hot, and I hadn't eaten yet, so it kinda made for a miserable ride.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

07.16.09 5:50AM

19.2 miles
16.3 avg mph
34.1 max mph
957 final odo
1:10:25 time
64-75 deg F

Getting on 1000 miles in on the bike (probably already there if you include all of the miles that have fallen through the cracks while my comp. wasn't on the bike) which means I'm down to paying only about a dollar for every mile that I've ridden. Gas sounds cheap when you put it that way, huh?

Decent ride, i'm tired, good night!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

07.15.09 1:45 PM

14.6 miles
15.5 avg mph
35.0 max mph
937 final odo
0:56:17 time
87 deg F

two flat loops, a regular road loop, and a loop around the bike path. Started to feel a little dizzy after the long hill up the bike path, but the wind on the hill afterwards brought me back out of it. I also finally figured out the crazy sprint deal where the bike goes crazy (wobbles from / to \ while the rider goes straight.) I was evidently always in too high of a gear when I started doing it. I got some pretty fun looks when I started doing it on the straight-away at the end of the bike path.

Monday, July 13, 2009

07.13.09 2:11AM

24.2 miles
16.4 avg mph
35.4 max mph
923 final odo
1:28:28 time
64 deg F

Pretty good ride in all. Got cut early from work, came home, had a couple of drinks and decided to go biking before bed. Made sure that the roommates were awake in case I got mugged, raped, or arrested, and headed out... Started out as a pretty tame ride, then came across a bum on my way up art hill, which is when my steady climb turned into an all out sprint as he came running after me. Just kidding. The park was pretty sketchy in a film noir, foggy with long shadows kind of way, but the only other life I saw was a raccoon and a couple stray cats.

Rode all of the flat sections down in the drops at a higher speed than normal. I also discovered that taking the visor off of my helmet makes it a lot easier to see while down in the drops. A lot of wet patches (rained earlier today) and I almost lost my back wheel a couple times going into some turns.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

07.09.09 1:00PM

15.5 miles
15.3 avg mph
33.8 max mph
899 final odo
1:04:06 time
99 deg F

Writing this one a long time after the ride because I decided to do it RAGBRAI syle... got home had a glass of wine, changed and passed out. Time for work, and my leggs are still unable to support my weight. This will be fun.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

07.08.09 3:00PM

21.2 miles
15.9 avg mph
33.9 max mph
882 final odo
1:19:43 time
85 deg F

Was meant to be a nice short 9-10 mile ride... but then I decided to push myself a little bit farther and do another loop of the flat section of Forest Park (an extra 3-4 miles)... then I found myself behind a kinda cute chick from the Mesa team, and well, peer pressure is a bitch. basically sprinted the last loop of FP with her, which is why I have a decent avg mph.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

07.07.09 7:00PM

25.4 miles
15.9 avg mph
31.6 max mph
861 final odo
1:35:50 time
81 deg F

Great ride with Maplewood Bikes (opted out of the race for the night... the miles seemed more tempting than the speed) I'm going to try to recreate (or find) a map of the ride, but there were FAR too many turns for me to keep up with. The hills from manchester back home are always bad, but after 22 miles they KILL! Drank two full waterbottles and a Gu, and sweat it all back out again... i'm moist... anyways, we rode past the AB brewery, which smelled extreemly similar to Theta Xi's basement, and carondelet park as the C race (the one i was going to do) was going on...

So I found their map, which I am putting below, but this ride slides right into the middle of the ride which I have to do to maplewood and back (the one from this morning)

07.07.09 9:30AM

5.7 Miles
14.1 Avg Mph
31.0 Max Mph
835 Final Odo
0:24:27 Time
89 Deg F

Quick ride down to the bike shop to get front derailer looke at again... and to get some Gu

Friday, July 3, 2009

New Find!

I can now make maps of my rides... and put links up

Standard Forest Park loop

Carondelet Park Loop (Tuesday Night Race)

07.03.09 5:10 AM

7.7 miles
62 deg F

Eleven laps of the Tuesday Night Race course. Forgot to put computer onto my bike, so all data lost. No computer is kind of nice for training purposes (ride according to strength not speed). I think I might start covering comp. for some rides. The hill still kills me.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

06.30.09 7:40PM RACE!

12.4 miles
13.9 avg mph
30.5 max mph
830 final odo
0:53:20 time
79 deg F

1.5 laps sat out
3 laps behind the pack (including laps sat out)
embarasment level: high

So my computer data got messed up because i reset before my warmup laps and left it connected for cooling down and standing arround (race was only like 26 min). AKA my average should be higher than 13.9 mph

I was able to keep up pretty well on the flat and downhill sections of the course, but the uphill section killed me every time. I guess I know what I need to train for. I also got my permanent number for the Tuesday Night Race: 323!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

06.27.09 5:35AM

20.5 miles
15.3 avg mph
31.0 max mph
817 final odo
1:20:14 time
75 deg F

same old ride... blah, blah, blah... gloves smell much better.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

06.25.09 5:45AM

22.1 miles
15.3 avg mph
29.8 max mph
797 final odo
1:26:06 time
79 deg F

same ride as always with a few extra side paths... My back started hurting about half way up the right side. I might run into the bike shop to get my fit checked (and to make sure that they remember my face.) ...checked my jersey after the ride... couldn't find ANY dry places... gotta love the heat/humidity... oh, and my gloves are starting to smell... maybe time to throw them in the wash...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

06.23.09 1:00PM

10.0 miles
13.9 avg mph
34.1 max mph
774 final odo
0:43:20 time
106 deg F


Monday, June 22, 2009

06.22.09 12:20PM

17.0 miles
15.2 avg mph
32.3 max mph
764 final odo
1:06:59 time
100 deg F

Two inside loops and one outside loop of FP with a stop at Givens before the outside loop to remove helmet.

Friday, June 19, 2009


My bike is fixed... and its too hot to ride...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

06.18.09 1:30PM

15.6 miles
14.8 avg mph
36.4 max mph
747 final odo
1:02:53 time
102 deg F

Good ride on the usuial interior loop twice, then once around the park. Cut somewhat short because of the heat... and the bump that I hit that I think knocked my wheel out of true... time to go back to maplewood.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

06.16.09 2:30PM

12 miles
15.2 avg mph
32.2 max mph
732 final odo
92 deg. F

Rode up to Maplewood Bikes (bridge over I-64 closed) then down and around Forest Park. The ride up to Maplewood was to get my front wheel fixed. The bearing was coming loose, and the wheel was starting to wobble even though it was locked tight.

06.14.09 6:00AM

26.7 miles
16.5 avg mph
31.6 max mph
720 final odo

Standard ride around Forest Park after work. Stopped for breakfast just before going home.

Notable rides since

So to try to round out some of the miles since I stopped keeping track there have only been a few notable rides that I've done.

28 miles - First half of day two or three
21 miles - Joy ride after parking the bus at the campus of UofI

MS150 2008
61 miles - Had to cut short what should have been a 75 mile ride because of my knee
40 miles - Decided to do the shorter route because my knee was still hurting

Training Rides with Team Christner
42 miles - Started with a morning ride after work (no food or sleep before the ride) when I met up with Team Christner outside of the rest area in Forest Park. Rode to and down the riverfront trail and back.
31 miles - Standard Team Christner training ride down to the rest area and back (one HUGE hill)

Old Entries

So I bought my bike (2006 Lemond Etape Triple) on 5.15.08. I was good for a little while and kept a log of my rides, but soon stoped keeping track of it. This first post is of what is left of that log.

5.17.08 9.0 Miles 10.8 avg mph 25.4 max mph FP clockwise
5.19.08 8.5 Miles 11.9 avg mph 26.2 max mph FP counter-clock
5.20.08 11.7 Miles 10.1 avg mph 27.5 max mph
5.21.08 7.4 Miles 11.5 avg mph 26.5 max mph FP counter-clock
5.22.08 6.9 Miles 12.9 avg mph 27.1 max mph
? 12.5 Miles 12.7 avg mph 27.7 max mph
? 9.0 Miles 13.1 avg mph 28.4 max mph
? 1.3 Miles 12.4 avg mph
? 11.6 Miles 12.8 avg mph 31.5 max mph
two rides 31.6 Miles 12.8 avg mph 32.8 max mph
? 21.2 Miles 14.9 avg mph 32.5 max mph