Saturday, June 27, 2009

06.27.09 5:35AM

20.5 miles
15.3 avg mph
31.0 max mph
817 final odo
1:20:14 time
75 deg F

same old ride... blah, blah, blah... gloves smell much better.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

06.25.09 5:45AM

22.1 miles
15.3 avg mph
29.8 max mph
797 final odo
1:26:06 time
79 deg F

same ride as always with a few extra side paths... My back started hurting about half way up the right side. I might run into the bike shop to get my fit checked (and to make sure that they remember my face.) ...checked my jersey after the ride... couldn't find ANY dry places... gotta love the heat/humidity... oh, and my gloves are starting to smell... maybe time to throw them in the wash...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

06.23.09 1:00PM

10.0 miles
13.9 avg mph
34.1 max mph
774 final odo
0:43:20 time
106 deg F


Monday, June 22, 2009

06.22.09 12:20PM

17.0 miles
15.2 avg mph
32.3 max mph
764 final odo
1:06:59 time
100 deg F

Two inside loops and one outside loop of FP with a stop at Givens before the outside loop to remove helmet.

Friday, June 19, 2009


My bike is fixed... and its too hot to ride...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

06.18.09 1:30PM

15.6 miles
14.8 avg mph
36.4 max mph
747 final odo
1:02:53 time
102 deg F

Good ride on the usuial interior loop twice, then once around the park. Cut somewhat short because of the heat... and the bump that I hit that I think knocked my wheel out of true... time to go back to maplewood.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

06.16.09 2:30PM

12 miles
15.2 avg mph
32.2 max mph
732 final odo
92 deg. F

Rode up to Maplewood Bikes (bridge over I-64 closed) then down and around Forest Park. The ride up to Maplewood was to get my front wheel fixed. The bearing was coming loose, and the wheel was starting to wobble even though it was locked tight.

06.14.09 6:00AM

26.7 miles
16.5 avg mph
31.6 max mph
720 final odo

Standard ride around Forest Park after work. Stopped for breakfast just before going home.

Notable rides since

So to try to round out some of the miles since I stopped keeping track there have only been a few notable rides that I've done.

28 miles - First half of day two or three
21 miles - Joy ride after parking the bus at the campus of UofI

MS150 2008
61 miles - Had to cut short what should have been a 75 mile ride because of my knee
40 miles - Decided to do the shorter route because my knee was still hurting

Training Rides with Team Christner
42 miles - Started with a morning ride after work (no food or sleep before the ride) when I met up with Team Christner outside of the rest area in Forest Park. Rode to and down the riverfront trail and back.
31 miles - Standard Team Christner training ride down to the rest area and back (one HUGE hill)

Old Entries

So I bought my bike (2006 Lemond Etape Triple) on 5.15.08. I was good for a little while and kept a log of my rides, but soon stoped keeping track of it. This first post is of what is left of that log.

5.17.08 9.0 Miles 10.8 avg mph 25.4 max mph FP clockwise
5.19.08 8.5 Miles 11.9 avg mph 26.2 max mph FP counter-clock
5.20.08 11.7 Miles 10.1 avg mph 27.5 max mph
5.21.08 7.4 Miles 11.5 avg mph 26.5 max mph FP counter-clock
5.22.08 6.9 Miles 12.9 avg mph 27.1 max mph
? 12.5 Miles 12.7 avg mph 27.7 max mph
? 9.0 Miles 13.1 avg mph 28.4 max mph
? 1.3 Miles 12.4 avg mph
? 11.6 Miles 12.8 avg mph 31.5 max mph
two rides 31.6 Miles 12.8 avg mph 32.8 max mph
? 21.2 Miles 14.9 avg mph 32.5 max mph