Wednesday, August 26, 2009

08.26.09 9:45AM

11.7 miles
16.4 avg mph
29.5 max mph
1138 final odo
0:42:58 time
83 deg F

HILLS! Pretty much made a tour of all of the big hills in the park. Saw Greg Cutahee walking to work. Almost ran him over is more like it. I should probably say hi to him propperly later today.

08.24.09 1:35PM

22.6 miles
16.1 avg mph
34.0 max mph
1127 final odo
1:24:13 time
92 deg F

Great ride mostly with Rusty, but last lap was alone. Riding partners are really nice to push off of eachother to keep the pace up. Drafting wasn't so bad either. Basic Forest Park loops on the interior path and exterior bike path.

08.22.09 12:00PM ++

I've missed a few rides between the last one and this one.

25.2 miles
14.8 avg mph
33.4 max mph
1104 final odo
1:41:36 time

Basic loops through Forest Park. Half of the ride was with Rico.